Terms for introduction of inflation-linked bond SGB IL 3111

Press release 16 April 2015

The Swedish National Debt Office will introduce a new 17-year inflation-linked government bond through syndication. The introduction will be made solely through a switch.

The bond – SGB IL 3111 X% 1 Jun 32 – was announced on 13 April, 2015. The introduction is scheduled for the week beginning of 20 April, 2015.

  • At the time of launch, the lead managers will announce further information such as coupon and interest rate terms. The interest terms will be set to be fair in relation to the market pricing.
  • The maturity of the bond will be 1 June, 2032.
  • The bond eligible for the switch is SGB IL 3104 3.5% 1 Dec 28.
  • The switch will be made cash neutral and/or price risk neutral. The sale and buy-back are carried out simultaneously.
  • The Debt Office’s objective is to increase the number of outstanding maturities and avoid excessive volume concentrations. The Debt Office’s ambition is to prevent individual bonds to exceed 30 per cent of index.
  • Lead managers for the syndication are Danske Bank, Nordea, SEB and Swedbank.

The syndication process will follow international standards. This means that the bids will be placed through a joint pot, irrespective to which lead manager the bid is submitted. The Debt Office will have full disclosure of the bidding.

The OMRX Real Return Bond Index (OMRXREAL) will be updated at the time of launch to facilitate for investors who follow index.

The Debt Office will support the liquidity in the new bond with its market commitments in repos in the same way as for other government securities. The secondary market is organized in accordance with the Primary Dealer agreements.

For more information:

Anna Sjulander, Deputy Head of Funding, +46 8 613 47 77
Maria Norström, Head of Funding, +46 8 613 46 35