Statistics on government securities

Statistics regarding the securities issued by the Debt Office.

Auction results – history

The table shows the outcome of the Debt Office’s auctions for all types of government securities.

Auction result – history

Outstanding government securities

Table with all outstanding government securities that the Debt Office has issued.

Outstanding government securities

Foreign holdings

Diagram of foreign holdings of outstanding government securities.

Foreign holdings

Turnover of on the secondary market

Secondary market sales of government securities in nominal volume. The Debt Office receives data from the Riksbank at the beginning of each month in regard to the previous month.  

Aggregated statistics are available from 1996 and onwards. The shorter time spans – from 2004 and 2012, respectively – are more detailed, both in terms of time interval and the distribution between different types of government securities. Click on each link to select a time series.

The reported sales are also specified by counterparty (Swedish and foreign investors, and so on) and contract type (on-demand, future, repos, etc.).   

There may be minor deviations from the data published by the Riksbank. In cases where reports have been made to the Riksbank by counterparties that are not resellers of the Debt Office, these are separated out.

Turnover of government securities – yearly data

Turnover of government securities – monthly data

Turnover of government securities – daily data