Nominal government bonds – upcoming auctions

Terms for coming auctions
Auction date ISINcode Loan Coupon No of days
Maturity Volume Auction type

All amounts in SEK million.

Auction terms are published a week before the auction takes place, at 4:20 pm (or 12:05 pm on trading days before a public holiday). Bids have to be entered by 11:00 on the auction day and the results are published around 11:03 on our web site. Bids must be submitted through the Debt Office's primary dealers.

Auction calendar for nominal government bonds
Announcement date Auction date Settlement date Auction type
2022-10-12 2022-10-19 2022-10-21
2022-11-09 2022-11-16 2022-11-18
2022-11-23 2022-11-30 2022-12-02
2022-12-07 2022-12-14 2022-12-16