Executive Management

The Debt Office is led by Director General Hans Lindblad.

Hans Lindblad

The Director General

Mr Lindblad is Director General of the Swedish National Debt Office since 2013. He is a member of the EBA’s Resolution Committee, the FSB’s Resolution Steering Group and Sweden’s Financial Stability Committee. He chairs the Swedish Expert Group in Public Economics.

Before his tenure at the National Debt Office, he was State Secretary to the Minister of  Finance 2006-2012. In that capacity he was also a member of ECOFIN Budget and chair of that body during the Swedish EU Presidency 2009. Previous
to this he held senior positions at the Riksbank, including the role of Deputy
Director of the Department for Monetary Policy, for six years.

In total, Mr Lindblad has over 30 years of experience of economic and financial policy making. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Stockholm University.

Hans Lindblad
Director General


Jörgen Eklund

The Deputy Director General

Jörgen Eklund

Deputy Director General and Head of General Staff

Management Group

The Management Group will support the Swedish National Debt Office by discussing and preparing both strategic issues and office overall decisions that are taken by the General Director. The group is led by the Director General. and consists of the Executive Management, Chief Economist and the Heads of Department.

Policy Group

The Policy Group will discuss and prepare policy issues within the Swedish National Debt Office. The group is led by the Director General and consists of the Executive Management, Chief Economist and the Heads of Development, Financial stability and consumer protection, Guarantees and lending and Cash Management.