Administration and Operational Support

The Administration and Operational Support department consists of Back Office, Finance, HR, Support and Strategic Development. We provide support services for all Debt Office operations on the basis of the areas of responsibility of each of these four units.

Kristina Davidsson

Kristina Davidsson

Head of Department


Back Office is responsible for the clearing and settlement of Debt Office transactions. We are also responsible for payment operations within the Debt Office as well as other government agencies.

Niklas Hjamarsson
Head of Unit


Finance is responsible for the Debt Office’s operational planning, monitoring and follow-up, financial management and control, accounting, and aspects of both the statistical reporting and the financial reporting.

Maria Törnfeldt
Head of Unit


HR is responsible for Human Resources-related issues and property matters. Our HR responsibilities encompass recruitment and employee development in order to attract and retain employees.

Ann-Sofi Jupiter
Head of Unit


The Support unit is responsible for, among other things, archives and registers, procurement, environment, project and process control, assistance support, reception, and internal services.

Jessica Palm
Head of Unit

Strategic Development

Strategic Development is responsible for planning and conducting the Debt Office’s strategic leadership and employee development work.

Noelle Moe
Head of Unit