Guarantee and Financing

The Guarantee and Financing Department provides guarantees and loans to public and private stakeholders following decisions from the Riksdag and the Government. Its mission also includes securing financing for nuclear waste management.

Jens Granlund - organisationsbild

Jens Granlund
Head of Guarantee and Financing

The department consists of two units: Guarantees and Lending, and Nuclear Waste Financing. 

Guarantees and Lending

The unit handles guarantees and loans to organisations and projects and calculates the central government’s financial risk. The mission includes working to ensure the efficient management of government guarantees and loans and developing the management in cooperation with other government agencies. We also conduct an annual comprehensive risk analysis of the central government’s issued guarantees and lending.

Peter Mårtensson
Head of Unit

Nuclear Waste Financing

The unit is responsible for ensuring that the nuclear industry is capable of financing the disposal of nuclear waste and used nuclear fuel. The polluter has to pay – not the taxpayers of the future.

Peter Stoltz
Head of Unit