Deficit for Swedish central government in March

7 April 2014 - Swedish central government payments resulted in a deficit of SEK 2.9 billion in March. This was SEK 11.4 billion lower than the Debt Office’s forecast of a deficit of SEK 14.2 billion. The difference is mainly due to lower net lending to government agencies and lower interest payments on central government debt. Deficit for Swedish central government in March


Moody's affirms Sweden's Aaa-rating

International rating agency Moody's has affirmed Sweden's triple-A rating. The rating is underpinned by Sweden's strong government finances, a well-established fiscal framework, a competitive export sector and current account surpluses.

Moody's Rating report Sweden

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Debt development

The Debt Office is responsible for official statistics on central government borrowing and debt. Click on the image for larger version.

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    Exchanges to SGB 1058 2.50% 12 May 2025
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    Sweden's Central Government Debt April 2014
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    Outcome of central government payments for April
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The swedish national debt and other figures

36 %

1 246 569 157 651 SEK

Government debt2014-03-31 

100 000 EUR

57 664 960 837 SEK

Guarantees & lending2014-03-31 

2.10 %

The Swedish National Debt Office

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