Ten years after Lehman Brothers collapsed

Financial stability

A new EU framework makes us better prepared for a financial crisis. The Debt Office is responsible for applying this new regulatory framework for managing failing banks.
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cover Guidelines of Swedish National Debt Management 2018

Guidelines for 2018

The guideline decision for the management of the central government debt in 2018.

Sweden to extend maturity of central government debt

Central government debt and other figures

1 203 308 783 954 SEK

Government debt2018-08-31 

37 024 733 423 SEK

Guarantees & lending2018-07-31 

950 000 SEK

0.43 %



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    Proposed guidelines for central government debt management
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    Outcome of central government payments for September
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    Sweden's Central Government Debt September 2018

The Swedish National Debt Office

The Debt Office plays a key role in the Swedish economy and in the financial market. Our operations contribute towards taxpayers money being used as efficiently as possible and the financial system remaining stable.