Green bonds

The Debt Office has been commissioned by the Government to issue a green bond no later than in 2020. Investors should be able to easily and clearly monitor what is being financed through the green bond and evaluate the climate and environmental effects.

The green bond is to finance expenditure items in the government budget that relate to sustainable investments and projects. The choice of suitable green expenditures should be made based on Sweden’s climate policy framework and the Government’s climate and environmental policies.

The Debt Office is collaborating with the Government Offices on developing a green bond framework. The framework describes, among other things, how to define, select, allocate, report and audit the green expenditures. It is to be based on the market standard Green Bond Principles.

The issuance volume shall comply with the government debt policy objective and fit well within the margins of the volume of identified green expenditures set out in the budget.

The green bond will be issued in 2020.