Debt Management

The Debt Management department is responsible for government borrowing and debt management. We issue government bonds and other securities purchased by banks, funds, insurance companies and other investors in Sweden and abroad.

Mattias Persson

Mattias Persson

Chief Economist
Head of Economic Analysis 
Acting Head of Debt Management 

We are about 20 people working in two divisions: The Analysis and Development division and the Funding division.

It is very important to have good relationships with our investors. A broad investor base contributes to lower borrowing costs in the long term and valuable feedback on our business. We also work with international organisations such as the EU, OECD, IMF and the World Bank. This enables us to share our experiences with debt managers and other participants in the financial markets.

Analysis and Development

The Analysis division performs research and provides internal and external advice. We co-ordinate the Debt Office's proposed guidelines for central government debt management and produces statistics on the central government borrowing requirement and government debt. The divsion plans the amount to borrow, the maturities of the debt, the currencies, and whether the loan is to be inflation-linked or not. Borrowing is subject to government guidelines. Planning is influenced by our forecasts of central government income and expenditure.

Magdalena Belin
Head of Analysis and Development Debt Management


The Funding division has the operational responsibility for borrowing by auctioning government securities and issuing bonds in foreign currencies. The division is also responsible for the liquidity management and finances daily deficits or invests surpluses in central government payments. Primary dealer and investor relations are also included in the operations.

Anna Sjulander
Head of Funding