Central government cash management

Our primary objective is to contribute to efficient government financial administration through effective cash management. We help and serve central government agencies with their cash management issues.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Managing the central government payment model
  • Procuring framework agreements for payment services
  • Issuing instructions for government regulations
  • Providing appropriations and loans
  • Providing currency forwards
  • Providing advice and service

The central government payment model is characterised by both centralised and decentralised responsibility. Centralised in the sense that liquidity management is centralised and the agencies are obligated to use the common framework agreements for payment services. Decentralised in the sense that agencies decide how to use their appropriations in order to achieve their goals. They are responsible for making their payments to the correct recipient, on time and in the right amount. Each agency is also responsible for its own security routines and internal control.

The payment process

We procure framework agreements and manage liquidity via our Treasury Single Account (TSA) at the Riksbank. The framework agreement banks deliver the payment services and the agencies use their services.

cash management payment process