Financing of nuclear waste management

The Swedish National Debt Office is responsible for ensuring that the nuclear power industry can finance the management and disposal of nuclear waste and spent nuclear fuel, the decommissioning and demolition of the plants, and the research necessary to enable this. It is the nuclear industry that pays – not future taxpayers.

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Who is responsible?

The financing system for nuclear waste is designed to ensure that it is the nuclear power industry that shall finance the costs of decommissioning and final disposal. It is the polluter who pays – not future taxpayers.

Who is responsible for nuclear waste?
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Nuclear waste fees 2022-2023

The Government has decided on nuclear waste fees for 2022–2023 in accordance with the Debt Office's proposal.

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The nuclear waste fee and collateral financing

The guiding principle is that the fee for a guarantee or loan must correspond to the state's expected cost, which includes the cost of expected credit loss and the administrative cost of providing the guarantee or loan.