Work at the Debt Office

When you work with us, you provide a service to society at the core of the financial market. We contribute to ensuring that tax revenues are used as efficiently as possible and that the financial system remains stable.

The Debt Office fulfils a critical role in the economy and in the Swedish financial market. Our responsibilities include being the internal bank of the central government, managing the central government debt, providing government guarantees and loans, and securing financing for nuclear waste management. We are also responsible for the central government management of banks in crisis and the deposit insurance scheme. Our offices are located in central Stockholm. 

We offer a workplace where your tasks are interesting, stimulating and essential to society.

  • Around 220 employees
  • 51 per cent women and 49 per cent men
  • The average age is 47 years old

The Debt Office strives to continue offering equal opportunities for women and men.

Our work is to be characterised by openness and a high level of internal efficiency and quality. The Debt Office is to be a sustainable and attractive workplace with committed employees and leaders.

We enjoy our work

In order to examine how the Debt Office’s employees perceive their work situation, instead of using traditional employee surveys every three years we have chosen to conduct short but frequent “pulse surveys” with subsequent in-depth measurements in the areas that affect us the most. The results show that we have a high level of commitment, as the response rate is 92–94 per cent, and are doing well at work, with an index of 3.2 out of 4. Quite simply, we are happy with our workplace.

We continuously develop our leadership and our information management. We strive to have as many decisions as possible made within the working group concerned. We will continue streamlining our working methods, reinforcing our culture and strengthening our work environment initiatives.

We invest in our employees’ health

The Debt Office is involved in a broad work environment effort that includes several aspects such as health promotion, safety rounds, seminars, and more.

The Debt Office invests in preventive measures and ergonomic aids. We also offer free access to a gym in the building and subsidised massages. There is a wellness allowance of SEK 5,000 per year and our sports and leisure club, which organises various social activities during the year.

The Debt Office needs you

Are you looking for qualified tasks and opportunities to specialise in issues such as the central government payment model, debt management, financial stability, credit risk assessment, risk analysis, IT systems, law and financial forecasts? Contact the Debt Office.

We also have a large IT department working with systems development and management and operation of various systems, with high demands on security. Other employees work within legal services, risk and security issues, communication or other support functions.

Develop your skills

The Debt Office is a knowledge-promoting organisation. This means that we continually offer our staff further training in their areas of expertise. The development of our employees is essential to a successful operation.

We work with internal knowledge transfer as well as external training courses. Every year, you will produce an individual skills development plan together with your manager.

This is why Debt Office employees are in high demand as experts, for national investigations as well as international assignments.

Balance between work life and parenting

Working at the Debt Office while being a parent should never feel like a burden. We want to create the conditions to combine work and parenthood. We also offer a supplementary parental allowance and encourage all employees to take their parental leave.

Equal opportunities

A disability is no obstacle – we are looking for your expertise. For this reason, we strive to make our premises accessible and adapt your workplace to your individual needs.

We are actively promoting a workplace where no one is treated differently based on their background, orientation or personality. We believe that the interaction between individuals who are different from one another creates a successful whole.

This also means that we will not accept harassment or abusive treatment based on background, orientation or personality. We consider differences such as gender, age, etc. to be an asset.

As an employee, you will have

  • Three hours of preventive health care per week during working hours.
  • Subsidised wellness allowance and massage (5 000 SEK per year).
  • Access to cultural and sporting activities.
  • Generous holiday terms (28–35 days) according to your age.
  • Supplementary parental allowance.
  • Compensation for prescription medication and medical care.