Swedish government borrowing unaffected by Riksbank’s purchase of government bonds

Press release 13 February 2015

The Swedish National Debt Office wants to clarify that the Riksbank’s planned buying of government bonds will not affect the government’s borrowing plans or the volumes of government bonds that will be issued. This is the case even if the Riksbank, at a later time, would decide to increase the amount purchased.

The Debt Office's mission is to finance the central government's deficit and manage the government debt. The goal of the debt management is to minimize long-term costs taking risk into account. The Riksbank's planned purchases of government bonds do not affect the government's financing needs or the policy for debt management.


The Riksbank has decided to buy government bonds for SEK 10 billion. The Riksbank will not buy the bonds directly from the Debt Office but in the secondary market in an auction format. For more information, see the Riksbank's website: http://www.riksbank.se/Documents/Pressmeddelanden/2015/Beslutsunderlag/prm_beslutsunderlag_statsobl_150211_eng.pdf


Thomas Olofsson, Head of Debt Management, +46 8 613 47 82