Swedish borrowing requirement shrinks on Nordea sale

Press release 23 October 2013

The net borrowing requirement will be SEK 126 billion in 2013. That is SEK 57 billion lower than the June forecast from the Swedish National Debt Office. The Government sales of Nordea shares, total value of SEK 41 billion, is the main reason the net borrowing requirement is decreasing this year compared to the previous forecast.

On-lending to the Riksbank amounts to SEK 106 billion of the total net borrowing requirement in 2013. This is a decrease of SEK 3 billion compared with the previous forecast.

– The net borrowing requirement will decline in the coming years as growth picks up, says Hans Lindblad, Director General of the Swedish National Debt Office.

The Debt Office is expecting a cautious upswing in the economy over the next two years, and GDP is expected to grow by 0.9 per cent this year, 2.4 per cent in 2014 and 2.7 per cent in 2015. This forecast is based on the assumption that growth in Europe and the rest of the world will recover in the coming years.

Net borrowing requirement and central government debt (SEK billion)
Net borrowing requirement 126 61 18
Central government debt 1 270 1 319 1 323
Central government debt, % of GDP 35.2% 35.1% 33.7%
Central government debt incl. on-lending and money market assets, % of GDP 28.8% 28.9% 27.9%

Borrowing in government bonds remains at SEK 74 billion as an annual rate through 2015. The issue volume of inflation-linked bonds is unchanged in 2013 and 2014 compared with the previous forecast but will be raised to SEK 18 billion in 2015. Borrowing in the money market decreases compared to the previous forecast.

Borrowing (SEK billion)
Government bonds 74 74 74
Inflation-linked bonds 12 15 18
T-bills 95 140 150
Foreign currency bonds 141 60 70
of which to the Riksbank 135 43 44

Central government borrowing – forecast and analysis 2013:3

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