Swedish National Debt Office sets remaining charges for the bank guarantee programme

Press release 9 December 2008

Pending official charge levels from the European Central Bank, the Swedish National Debt Office has decided on charges for the standardised method in the state guarantee programme for the banks.

These charges have been set in accordance with the principles recommended by the European Commission.

The standardised method applies for loans with terms exceeding one year issued by banks that do not have reliable historical market data for credit default swaps. The charges are divided into three rating categories. Banks which do not have a credit rating pay the highest charge as shown below.


In addition to these charges, there is a supplement of 0.50 percentage points. The supplement for covered bonds is 0.25 percentage points.

If subsequently the official charge levels from the European Central Bank prove to be higher than those set by the Debt Office, our levels will still apply for guarantees already granted. If the official charges are lower, we will reimburse the difference for charges already paid.

All charges for the guarantee programme have now been set. The Debt Office has previously set the charge for terms of up to one year at 0.50 percentage points for all banks. The charges for loans with longer terms issued by the four big Swedish banks have also previously been published.
For further information, please contact:
Magnus Thor, Head of Guarantees, +46 70 346 84 24
Marja Lång, Head of Communication and Public Affairs, +46 8 613 46 54