Central government debt management in 2017

News 22 February 2018

The Debt Office submits its basis for evaluation of the central government debt management in 2017.

The year was characterised by unexpectedly large surpluses in central government finances and the Debt Office therefore gradually reduced borrowing. Despite lower issue volumes, there was a considerable cash surplus in the liquidity management. The Riksbank kept purchasing government securities and owned almost half of the outstanding stock of government bonds at the end of the year. The Riksbank’s purchases, market regulations and the low supply of new government bonds contributed to a further deterioration of liquidity in the government securities market during the year. The cost of the central government debt remained at historically low levels. In the assessment of the Debt Office the objectives for the debt management were achieved in all essential respects in 2017.

Basis for evaluation - Central government debt management in 2017


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