Investor meeting is reported in Japanese media

News 12 June 2012

The largest news agency in Japan and the country’s most influential financial newspaper are now highlighting the Swedish National Debt Office. The debt crisis continues to increase the interest in Sweden – one of very few countries with the highest credit rating and stable fiscal finances.

It was in connection with the Debt Management department’s trip to Tokyo that the Director General Bo Lundgren was interviewed by both Jiji and Nikkei. He was there to increase the understanding of the Swedish market for government bonds and present Sweden to investors and market players.

In connection with the interviews, Lundgren was given an opportunity to give a background to the current strong public finances.

–      We learnt a lot during the financial crisis in Sweden 20 years ago. Our economy today is fairly stable.

Bo Lundgren described Sweden as an attractive country to invest in and pointed out the economic stability. Furthermore, he mentioned the fact that Swedish banks are well capitalised compared to many other banks around the globe.

In addition to the Japanese media, Lundgren also meet a number of investors during his visit to Tokyo. The trip is part of the National Debt Office’s long-term plan for investor relationships.

A large proportion of our Swedish government bonds are owned by foreign investors. Therefore, it is important for us to maintain good communication with both Swedish and foreign investors.

The relationship is to be characterised by openness, transparency and predictability. Last year we visited investors in Central and Eastern Europe as well as North America and Asia.