Better usability on

Press release 24 May 2011

The Debt Office's website has been redesigned to increase usability and accessibility for our users. We have not changed the information structure or rewritten the information.

Design and Layout

The appearance of the website has changed in order to create a lighter look and feel, making the information easier to read. The colors are the same but the pages are wider, the text has a new larger font and the images are larger. The layout has mainly changed on the start page and the category front pages.

Improved accessibility should be available to all users regardless of ability. The site is created according to established accessibility standards and guidelines and the Debt Office has the ambition to have the website certified for accessibility by FunkaNu.


The left menus are now clearer by indicating sub pages with an arrow. The site has also so-called bread crumbs in the footer to make it easier to understand where you are in the information structure. They are clickable and can be used to navigate. The footer with useful links appears on all pages enabling you to quickly find useful information.


You can get the latest news and publications via RSS. In addition, the subscription by e-mail has a larger selection. We have also improved the forms on the website. To avoid errors you get better feedback and the help texts should facilitate filling out the forms with correct information. The larger versions of the graphs with statistics are shown in a more user friendly way.

New version of the Content Management System

The site is now administered in EPiServer version 6.0 which provides better opportunities to streamline the publishing process for our editors and the technical maintenance of the site. The upgraded technical platform will also facilitate future development.

Broken Links

The pages on the site has new URLs, which means you need to change links and bookmarks to all pages (except home in your browser.