Planned switch auction in 1063 bond replaced by outright sale

Press release 23 September 2021

The Swedish National Debt Office will replace its planned switch auction in government bond 1063 with an outright sale as part of a regular auction. The Debt Office will offer SEK 500 million of this bond in the regular auction on 20 October 2021.

The Debt Office’s plan was to build up the outstanding volume of the bond, which matures in 2045, through a switch auction on 21 October. But based on how the market is functioning at present, the Debt Office assesses that it is more in line with the objective of managing the central government debt to sell the 1063 bond without buying back another bond at the same time. 

The offered volume of the 1063 bond will be part of the total issuance volume of SEK 3.5 billion in the regular auction on 20 October. Details on the remaining volume will be published as usual one week before the auction at 4:20 p.m.


Johan Bergström, Head of Funding: +46  8 613 45 68
Anna Olofsson, Head of Analysis: +46 8 613 45 98