Anna Sjulander is new Head of Debt Management

Press release 20 October 2020

The Swedish National Debt Office has appointed Anna Sjulander as the new head of the Debt Management department, effective immediately.

We are pleased to be able to present Anna Sjulander as Head of Debt Management. Her substantial expertise, extensive experience and esteemed international reputation make her an ideal candidate for the role, says Hans Lindblad, Director General of the Debt Office.

Anna Sjulander started at the Debt Office in 2002. Most recently, she was Head of Funding and thereby has extensive experience of borrowing in all types of debt and of international investor relations. Between 2008 and 2011, Anna held various roles working for national pension insurance fund the First AP Fund and was also an expert adviser for the 2013 securities investigation report “Värdepappersutredningen”. Since April, she has been acting Head of Debt Management.

Receiving the opportunity to lead the Debt Management department is both exciting and challenging, considering the exceptional situation in the market this year – but mostly it is very rewarding. I aim to continue developing our analytical capabilities to ensure that Sweden as an issuer of government securities is at the leading edge internationally, says Anna Sjulander.

The Debt Management department has approximately 20 employees. The department is responsible for central government borrowing, liquidity management, and management of the central government debt. It is also responsible for developing borrowing plans and supporting material for strategic decisions as well as annual proposed guidelines for central government debt management.

Central government debt acts as a shock absorber in the economy. It averts upturns and downturns in economic activity and enables stable tax rates and thereby improves efficiency. On 30 September 2020, Sweden’s central government debt amounted to SEK 1,210 billion.

Press photo of Anna Sjulander

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