How do market participants view the market for Swedish inflation-linked bonds?

News 23 February 2023

Today, the Swedish National Debt Office is launching a survey to learn more about market views on inflation-linked bonds. The survey questions are intended to help us gain a better understanding of how market participants view the recent developments and long-term demand.

The Debt Office continually analyses market conditions for government bonds. In 2022, demand in the Debt Office’s auctions varied. In the secondary market, turnover has decreased. We are now requesting viewpoints from primary dealers and investors in the market for Swedish inflation-linked bonds. The information we receive will be used in our analysis of how to best achieve our objective of minimising the cost of central government debt over the long term while taking account of risk.

Participants are encouraged to e-mail their written responses to by 31 March 2023.

Questionnaire and background


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