Unchanged guidelines for government debt management

News 12 marraskuuta 2020

Today the Government adopted guidelines for the management of the central government debt. No changes are made in the guidelines decision for 2021 compared with the preceding year.

The guidelines set out among other things the composition and term to maturity of the central government debt. The objective is to minimise the cost of the debt over the long-term, while taking account of the risk in its management.

Guidelines for debt composition and maturity

  • Foreign currency debt – the foreign currency exposure is to be unchanged.
  • Inflation-linked krona debt – is to be 20 per cent of the central government debt in the long term.
  • Nominal krona debt – is to make up the remaining share of the central government debt.
  • The term to maturity (in terms of duration) of the central government debt is to be steered towards 3.5–6 years.

The foreign currency exposure is, as in the preceding year, to be unchanged pending the Debt Office’s analysis of the strategic foreign currency exposure of the central government debt.

Government press release and guidelines

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