Borrowing requirement and plan

The Debt Office borrows to finance budget deficits and to refinance maturing loans. Borrowing is planned based on forecasts for the Swedish economy and budget balance (net borrowing requirement).

Debt Office publishes forecasts three times a year

The report Central Government Borrowing – Forecast and Analysis is published three times per year. It describes how much and by which means the Debt Office intends to borrow over the next two years. In the report, we also describe the considerations we have made based on guidelines, borrowing policy and current conditions.

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Monthly report on budget balance and government debt

In the first week of each month, the Debt Office publishes the outcome of the budget balance, explaining any deviations from the forecast. At the same time, we also publish Sweden’s central government debt. This report covers the size and composition of the debt month by month.

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Guidelines for central government debt management

The Debt Office’s annual proposal for debt management guidelines is another report that gives an indication of how borrowing and the governing of risks will progress. We publish the proposed guidelines at the end of September. In November, the Government makes its decision on adoption of the guidelines.

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