Website accessibility report

Here we describe which shortcomings in terms of accessibility there are on the Debt Office website and how we intend to remedy them. You will also find information on how you can contact us if you encounter any problems.

We strive to make our website accessible, manageable and understandable to all users, regardless of any disabilities and independent of which aids are used. Our goal is to meet the basic accessibility requirements, at the least, by complying with level AA of WCAG 2.1.


We are aware that we currently fail to comply with all the WCAG criteria in the following parts of the website:

  • “Available jobs” pages, since this function is managed by a separate HR system to which we are unable to make changes.
  • Statistical data is provided by a tool that is not accessible, and we are investigating measures to rectify this.
  • Documents on the website may not comply or fully comply with accessibility guidelines – such as reports, for example. In order to improve accessibility, we have so far made adjustments to some templates but not all.

Please notify us if you encounter any obstacles

There are several ways to contact us if you encounter an obstacle or other shortcomings that prevent you from accessing our digital service.

You can contact us:

We will try to rectify the problems and ensure that you receive the digital service you are entitled to.

Contact the supervisory authority

You can contact the Agency for Digital Government if you are not satisfied with our compliance with the accessibility requirements (in accordance with the Government’s proposal on the implementation of the Web Accessibility Directive).

This accessibility report will be regularly updated after every review of the content.