The Debt Office’s claims

If a borrower is unable to repay its loan – either directly to the Debt Office or to a lender with a Debt Office guarantee – this results in a claim. When that happens, we strive actively to ensure that we receive as much repayment as possible from the borrower.

At the end of 2023, we had approximately 50 claims on sole traders and small businesses. The claims mainly relate to smaller sums within agricultural and rural industries. The majority of these claims have been transferred to the Debt Office from the County Administrative Boards. Since most of these borrowers have a low capacity to pay, the possibilities of them repaying their loans are limited.

The Debt Office’s claims curently amount to nearly SEK 506 million.

Until 2022 the Debt Office had a claim of SEK 2.1 billion against Saab Automobile, stemming from the auto manufacturer's bankruptcy in 2011.

Saab Automobile