General Staff

The General Staff Department consists of the Communications, Legal Unit, Security and Risk Units. We provide the Debt Office with advice, support and analysis within the units’ respective areas of responsibility.

Jörgen Eklund

Jörgen Eklund

Assistant Director General and Chief of Staff

Communications Unit

The Communications Unit leads and coordinates the Debt Office’s internal and external communication. We support the organisation through advice and service in communication matters and are responsible for the Debt Office’s websites and other digital channels.

Linda Rudberg
Head of Communications Unit

Risk Unit

The Risk Unit is responsible for the appropriate management of financial and operative risks within the Debt Office’s operations. We are also responsible for the Debt Office’s compliance function, together with our legal unit. In addition, we monitor the Debt Office’s compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Josefine Ljung
Head of Risk Unit

Security Unit

The Security Unit is responsible for overall information security, general security and protection,  and for measures to manage the Debt Office’s tasks in peacetime crises as well as in preparation of and during periods of heightened alert.

Karin Olausson
Head of Security Unit

Legal Unit

The Legal Unit provides legal support and advice to other departments and strives to ensure that the Debt Office complies with current legislation and operates in a businesslike and efficient way.

Jennie Lundgren
Head of Legal Unit