The Debt Office is a public authority which, when purchasing goods and services, must procure in accordance with specific rules and requirements. We procure both via suborder from government framework agreements and via our own procurements.

Ongoing procurements

The Debt Office's procurements can be found at Visma TendSign (available in Swedish).

Suborder and acquisition

We procure both via suborder from government framework agreements and via individual procurements. How we conduct a procurement depends on both the nature and value of what we are procuring.

If you have questions

If you have questions concerning a specific procurement, have submitted a tender or tender application and are unsure about something, please contact the person listed as point of contact for the procurement. Contact information can be found in the advertisement or other procurement material that you have received.

Receiving material

If you wish to receive material (official documentation) from procurements, you can contact the Debt Office's Registrar or the contact person mentioned in the particular procurement.

Whilst a procurement is underway, secrecy applies to all information submitted to us by candidates or tenderers. Once a procurement has been concluded, the material related to the case is publicly available. Certain information in a case may however be protected by secrecy even after the procurement is concluded.


We advertise our own procurements in the TendSign database. TendSign forwards advertisements to the EU database for the publishing of public procurements, TED, and the EU's official journal, OJ S. However, it is possible that procurements take place without advertisement, such as suborders from framework agreements and direct procurement.