Cash Management

The Cash Management Department assists government agencies, public enterprises and state-owned companies with financial services, including investment, borrowing for fixed assets and making hedge payments.

Kristin Kenne, tillförordnad avdelningschef Statens internbank

Kristin Kenne
Head of Cash Management

The Cash Management Department is responsible for the central government’s payment model. This model is intended to provide possibilities for efficient and secure payments, satisfactory service to government agencies, and effective cash management within the central government.

The department is responsible for:

  • Operations and system support relating to government agency loans and investments, the central government’s cash management of agency payments, administration of the central government’s multi-currency cash pool.
  • The central government framework agreements for payment, card and travel account services.
  • The unit is also responsible for the administration of EU payments and proceeds from auctioning of emission allowances.
  • Leading and managing development initiatives relating to the central government payment model.