The Debt Office

Photo of three crowns in the Debt Office reception

The Swedish National Debt Office is the central government financial manager. We play an important role within central government, on financial markets and, consequently, in the national economy.

We are a public authority responsible to the Ministry of Finance. The Government appoints our board and our Director General. The Debt Office was established in 1789.

Our assignment

The Debt Office’s assignment includes:

  • providing banking services for the central government
  • raising loans and managing central government debt
  • providing state guarantees and loans
  • securing the financing of nuclear waste management

We have also been assigned to promote consumer protection and ensure the stability of the financial system by: 

  • being responsible for the deposit insurance and investor protection schemes
  • managing government support for banks'

Our overall objective

The overall objective of the Debt Office is to minimise the costs of central government financial management without taking excessive risks. Our work helps to ensure that taxpayers’ money is used as efficiently as possible and that the financial system remains stable.

Our vision

Our vision is to make the Debt Office a role model in Sweden as well as internationally.

Our Swedish name

Our Swedish legal name is Riksgäldskontoret but we refer to ourselves as Riksgälden. In English, the Swedish National Debt Office. 

Our mandate and work

The Debt Office is governed by acts, ordinances and guidelines from the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) and the Swedish Government. We also decide on our own policies and the guidelines governing our work.

The mandate and work of the Debt Office