Lottery bonds

Take a chance without taking a risk

Lottery bonds are a savings product where, instead of interest payments, investors can win prizes. For each lottery bond you buy you have several chances to win a million kronor – tax free.  

Many chances to win prizes every year

The winning numbers are announced two to six times a year. If you buy 10 lottery bonds in consecutive numerical order (e.g. 1-10, 11-20 etc) you have additional chances of winning a million, but also guaranteed prizes.

Your money back

When all the draws have been made and the lottery bond matures, you get back every krona you invested.

No risk of missing a prize

Lottery bonds are registered in a VP account (securities account). This means that you do not need to check the draw yourself to see whether you have won a prize. To purchase lottery bonds you need to have a VP account. You can open this free of charge via a bank or securities dealer.

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Regarding MegaWin Ltd

The company MegaWin Ltd selling profit shares to lottery bonds via and has no connection to the Swedish National Debt Office or our sales of lottery bonds.