Reporting: resolution fee

Every year, all banks and institutions must pay a resolution fee. Here, you will find both the reporting form and information about the reporting procedure.

Reporting 2022

The information that the Debt Office requires in order to determine the fee is shown in the form below. The institution’s external auditor shall have examined the information. See more in the document Information for the reporting form.

Form for reporting resolution fee (only available in Swedish)

Information for the reporting form (only available in Swedish)

The form must be signed by an authorised signatory. The signed form, annual report, auditor‘s statement where appropriate and other relevant documents shall be sent to:

The Swedish National Debt Office
Financial Stability and Consumer Protection
103 74 Stockholm

You can also send the form by e-mail to

Please note that data sent by e-mail is received via standard open e-mail without encryption. If the information is considered sensitive, we recommended that it be sent by post. The information must be received by the Debt Office no later than 31 January each year.