Limitation of liability

Content on the Debt Office’s website is meant as general information. No part of this information is intended to be financial advice. Information about our savings products is intended for individuals resident in Sweden.

We make every endeavour to keep the information on our website updated and correct. However, we cannot guarantee that all information is always complete and updated.

The Debt Office does not give advice on investment but only provides general information about the Debt Office’s savings products. Before you save or invest in any of the Debt Office’s products, you should ensure that the investment is appropriate with regard to your financial situation. If you are uncertain about an investment, you should consult a financial advisor, attorney, tax consultant or accounting advisor before making the investment.

Our website is intended for Swedish residents

Due to legislation in other countries than Sweden, the Debt Office may be restricted from marketing financial services and products. The Debt Office may also be prohibited from publishing information or offering services in the market if, for example, the Debt Office has not been correctly registered at the appropriate authority or authorities in that country. Legislation in other countries, e.g. marketing legislation, may also restrict the Debt Office’s actions and place obligations and restrictions on the Debt Office on that market.

Hence, any material, information or services available on the Debt Office’s website is not directed at or intended for individuals or legal entities resident in the United States of America, Canada, Japan or Australia or any other countries, where there may be restrictions or prohibitions on the Debt Office’s right to market or provide services or products. The website is not intended to inform about or provide financial services on those markets.

If individuals or legal entities resident in a country where such restrictions apply nevertheless should invest in the Debt Office’s products, the Debt Office should not be regarded as having marketed its services and products on that market.