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Information on should be accessible and useful to as wide an audience as possible. There are several different ways of navigating the website.

Navigating with a keyboard

If you do not use a mouse to navigate, you can use a keyboard:

  • In order to go back to the previous webpage, hold down ALT + left arrow key. To go forward, hold down ALT + right arrow key.
  • In order to select a link, keep pressing the TAB key until it is highlighted and then press ENTER. In order to go to the previous link, hold ALT and click on the TAB key.

Keyboard shortcuts for navigation

Most modern web browsers support keyboard shortcuts for navigating websites. How you activate the shortcuts differs depending on your choice of web browser and which operating system you are running. The two most common:

  • Internet Explorer: ALT + X -> ENTER
  • Firefox: SHIFT + ALT + X

You can use the shortcuts listed below to navigate the website:

s: Skip to content.

n: Skip to navigation.

0: About the website

1: Home

2: News (Press room)

3: Sitemap

4: Search

7: Contact us

8: Legal information (Cookies and Personal Data Act)

Customise website appearance

You can adapt the appearance of so that it is better suited to you via your web browser's menu: Tools/Options. In most modern web browsers you can also change the size of the font by holding down the Ctrl key and using the mouse wheel or clicking on + or -.