Arlandabanan Infrastructure

The work on Arlandabanan started in 1995 as a collaborative project between the Government and the private industry. The purpose of the project was to finance, build and run Arlandabanan; the railway connecting Arlanda Airport to the rest of the national rail network.

The wholly state-owned company Arlandabanan Infrastructure AB, previously Arlandabanan Projekt AB, is tasked with preserving the Government's rights and obligations in accordance with the agreements made between the parties involved.

The company's equity capital is small in relation to its undertakings in the project. The Swedish Civil Aviation Administration and Swedish Rail Administration (now the Swedish Transport Administration) therefore issued a capital adequacy guarantee in 1996. The guarantee ensures that the company has sufficient funds to fulfil its obligations, primarily to the company A-Train AB, which has the right to use of the track for 40 years.

As the shares in the company were transferred to the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, the Debt Office took over responsibility for the capital adequacy guarantee. Any payment will therefore be made by us, for which we are then compensated by the Swedish Transport Administration.