Nordic Investment Bank -

Nordic Investment Bank

The Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) is jointly owned by the Nordic and Baltic countries. Its purpose is to promote sustainable growth among its member states by providing long-term financing for select projects.

The Nordic Investment Bank was founded in 1976 with the aim of strengthening and developing Nordic cooperation.

We have been commissioned by the Riksdag and the Government to issue guarantees for two of NIB's loan portfolios – the Project Investment Loan Facility and the Environmental Loan Facility.

Project Investment Loans

Back in 1982, the Debt Office granted NIB a credit guarantee for its loans related to project investments outside of the Nordic region. The purpose of this loan facility is to promote internationalisation of various sectors and industries. The projects financed via the loan facility must be of mutual interest for the member states and the receiving country.

Loans are issued directly to individual projects or via financial intermediaries primarily in the sectors of infrastructure, energy, telecom, environment and heavy industry. Today, the bank focuses on nine countries in which they wish to have a stronger presence. The countries are Brazil, India, China, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, Vietnam and Belarus.

The portfolio's loan commitment amounts to EUR 4 billion. NIB's member states guarantee 90 per cent of the losses on each loan, up to a maximum amount of EUR 1.8 billion. The guarantee undertaking for the Swedish Government is limited to EUR 671 million.

Environmental Loans

The Debt Office issued a credit guarantee to the Environmental Loan Facility in 1995. The programme covers loans for financing important and prioritised environmental projects in the proximity of the Nordic region, in countries such as Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The total project frame amounts to EUR 300 million, of which the Swedish Government has an undertaking of a maximum EUR 104 million.