The Debt Office manages a credit guarantee for the benefit of Eurofima, a supranational organization owned by a number of railway administrations in Europe. Eurofima finances railway equipment purchased by its shareholders.

This undertaking means that the Swedish government guarantees Eurofima's financing of railway equipment together with the other shareholders until 2056. The Swedish government owns 2 percent of the shares in Eurofima. The ownership is administrated by the Ministry of Enterprise.

The extent of the guarantee equals the owner share, up to a maximum of 52 million Swiss franc (the size of subscribed share capital). Per 31 December 2014 Eurofima had financing contracts totalling 16.7 billion Swiss franc (132 billion kronor).

The guarantee can only be invoked if a loan default exceeds Eurofima's guarantee reserve and remains unmet by the defaulting railway's government.