As part of the financing of the Öresund Link, the Debt Office has provided a loan to the government-owned company Svedab.

Upon completion of the Öresund Bridge in the late 1990s, land connections to the bridge needed to be erected on both the Swedish and Danish sides. In Sweden, the government-owned company Swedab was responsible for construction of the motorway and railway that connected the bridge to the Swedish road and rail networks. The equivalent work on the Danish side was carried out by the government-owned company A/S Øresund.

Svedab and A/S Øresund formed and are owners of the Öresundsbro Consortium, which has financed and built the Øresund Bridge. The holding companies are entitled to the dividends the consortium is expected to produce in the future.

In order to finance the land connections, Svedab received a loan from the Debt Office in accordance with a government decision. The loan runs until the Öresundsbro Consortium has provided sufficient dividends to its owners for Svedab to be able to repay its loan to us.

As of December 2014, the loan amounted to just over SEK 5 billion. According to the latest forecasts, Svedab will have repaid its loan around the year 2040.

Svedab is short for Svensk-Danska Broförbindelsen Svedab AB.