Commissioned by the Government, the Debt Office issued a conditional loan, of SEK 1 billion to the private company A-Train AB in 1995.

The loan was part of the collaborative project between the Government and the private industry to finance, build and run Arlandabanan, which links Arlanda Airport to the national rail network.

Upon completion of the project, A-Train was granted a 40-year right of use for Arlandabanan in order to finance its investment. The loan is structured so that the total repayments to the Government as a whole from A-Train can be either higher or lower than the loan amount. Both the size and time of repayment are determined by A-Train's financial results and the size of the dividends received by the owners.

Another government operator involved in Arlandabanan is the government-owned company Arlandabanan Infrastructure AB. The companyowns and manages Arlandabanan. We handle a liquidity and capital adequacy guarantee for Arlandabanan Infrastructure AB.