Our lending

The Debt Office can provide loans for various activities following a decision by the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) and the government. Our lending has mainly financed infrastructure projects such as the railway link between Stockholm city and Arlanda Airport.

During the latest economic crisis, we were assigned new lending to the automotive and export industries, among others.

Our lending is financed via the Debt Office's normal borrowing activities. When we lend, the borrower must pay interest with a margin equivalent to our costs for issuing the loan and a charge for the credit risk.

Instead of interest and amortisation, some loans can have repayment terms based on the borrower’s financials; for example, earnings or revenues. We have issued such 'royalty loans' to the aerospace industry. For more detailed information, see Research and development loans.

We regularly calculate the losses that we can expect. Our assessment as of 30 June 2015 was that there is a risk for net losses in two of the loans. We have therefore written down the value of these loans by SEK 309 million in our accounting; a reduction in write-downs by SEK 15 million compared with the previous year .

Lending, 31 May 2019

 The graph shows our lending
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