Our claims

A claim arises when a borrower cannot repay their loan to us or when we honour a guarantee and thereby redeem the guaranteed loan. In both cases, we work actively to recoup the money.

As an example, we redeemed Saab Automobile's loan in the European Investment Bank in 2011, for which we had issued a guarantee. Doing so we gained a claim of SEK 2.1 billion on the bankruptcy estate, which corresponded to the borrowed amount plus associated costs.

We also have around 130 claims (as per 30 June 2015) with individual business proprietors and smaller businesses in the agricultural and rural industry. The majority of these claims belonged to the County Administrative Boards, which previously issued agricultural and rural guarantees to support local industries, and the claims have now been taken over by us. The claims amount to approximately SEK 477 million including accrued interest on overdue payments. Opportunities to recoup the money are limited as many of the borrowers have poor solvency.