Coordination duties

Commissioned by the Government, the Debt Office is responsible for certain coordination duties linked to the provision of government guarantees and loans.

Documentation for government annual report

Each year we help the Government to produce documentation for the central government annual report. The documentation we provide contains a report of all government guarantees and loans. In our work to compile this documentation, we enlist the help of the other guarantee and lending agencies and the Swedish National Financial Management Authority.

Portfolio risk analysis

In addition to the tasks we carry out in connection with the central government annual report, we are responsible for providing an in-depth analysis of the risks in the Government's entire guarantee and lending portfolio.

The analysis is the first of its kind, in terms of both form and content. It entails new ways of presenting and compiling various information on the guarantees and loans in the portfolio as a whole. The task of performing a comprehensive risk analysis therefore involves long-term development work.

The Debt Office's work on the comprehensive risk analysis is carried out in collaboration with the Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board, the National Housing Credit Guarantee Board, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and the Swedish Board for Study Support, as well as other concerned authorities.

Coordination role

The Debt Office has long had a designated coordination role in the Government's guarantee and lending activities. We are accustomed to investigating and handling different matters concerning the Government's provision of guarantees and loans.

The majority of our work in this capacity starts with our receiving individual questions or assignments from the Government. One example is when, in 2010, we were instructed to provide proposals for a new Guarantee and Loan Ordinance. In other cases, it may be that one of the other guarantee or lending agencies contacts us with questions.

The basis of our coordination role is described in more detail in our annual letter of appropriation.

All guarantees and loans 

You can read more about all government guarantees and loans in Section 5 of the central government annual report (only available in Swedish).

Årsredovisning för staten 2014,, pdf (3 Mb) 

Portfolio risk analysis

The latest portfolio risk analysis was submitted to the Government on 15 March 2018.

Central government guarantees and lending - a risk analysis, pdf