Guarantee & financing

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The Debt Office provides guarantees and loans to both government and private entities following approval by the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) and the Government. A fee is charged for the service. On 1 September 2018, the Debt Office was given the responsibility for securing the financing of nuclear waste.

A guarantee undertaking means that we stand surety for another party's payments. The most common type of guarantee is a credit guarantee, in which we guarantee interest payments on and amortisations of another party's loan.

The Government provides guarantees and loans primarily because it is sometimes difficult for businesses to borrow, even when they are creditworthy. This may be because of temporary disruptions to the credit market or because some projects involve political risks that private lenders find difficult to assess.

Our commitments

Our largest guarantees and loans have long been in investments in infrastructure. During the global financial crisis that started in 2008 and the following economic recession, we gained new assignments in the automotive industry.

The financial crisis also brought new guarantee assignments as part of government measures to protect the stability of the financial system. Deposit insurance and investor compensation are also part of the Debt Office's mandate.

Costs are covered by fees

When we grant guarantees or loans, we consider the financial risks involved for the central government. We then charge a fee for the risk of each undertaking in accordance with insurance principles. This means that in the long term, these fees should cover any losses that arise. The fees we charge must also cover our administrative costs.

New assignment: to secure the financing of nuclear waste

1 September 2018 The Swedish National Debt office was given an extended assignment within the financing system of the disposal of nuclear waste. The tasks that was formerly executed by Swedish Radiation Safety Authority was transmitted to SNDO on that date.

This means that SNDO will have the overall responsibility to ensure the nuclear industry’s liability and to verify that the financing system acts accordingly.

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Guarantees and lending, 31 August 2019

Guarantees and lending 
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Portfolio risk analysis

The Debt Office is responsible for providing an in-depth analysis of the risks in the Government's entire guarantee and lending portfolio. The latest portfolio risk analysis was submitted to the Government on 15 March 2019.

Central government guarantees and lending - a risk analysis

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An introduction

Public debt and contingent liability management

The Swedish National Debt Office has contributed to a working paper published by the OECD, with the title "The role of public debt managers in contingent liability management". The working paper explores how public debt managers can minimize contingent risks through seven different countires' approaches.

OECD Working Paper

OECD Working Paper - Country Practices Annex