Operational risks

Operational risks are caused by internal processes that are not fit for purpose or that fail or by human error, faulty systems or external events. The Debt Office analyses operational risks continuously.

Risk analysis

The Debt Office analyses operational risks in connection with its own business planning, in projects and ahead of major changes, for example. These analyses are based on a method for self-evaluation of its activities. This method is used to identify and appraise risks. Action to reduce the risks is also planned and prioritised. The Debt Office works actively to reduce the level of risk and follows up its analyses regularly. 

Process mapping

Process mapping is used to document the environment for internal control. This mapping also provides input for the appraisal and management of operational risks in day-to-day activities.

Incident reporting

To obtain a comprehensive picture of the Debt Office's operational risks, staff report incidents in its activities.  These incidents are compiled and linked to the  risk analysis.

Information about risk to the Board and senior management

The Board and senior management are kept continuously informed about the current risk status. They are also informed of incidents that have had a major impact on activities along with the measures taken.