Our work

The Debt Office manages its operations strategically in order to comply with our regulatory framework and to achieve good results. We work according to policies and guidelines that describe our areas of responsibility, risks, equality work and ethics.

Rules of procedure

Our rules of procedure describe how our organisation is set up and who is responsible for various areas so that responsibilities and tasks are clearly defined. The board makes decisions on general rules of procedure and the Director General of the Debt Office makes decisions about supplementary internal rules of procedure. The departments are responsible for their respective rules of procedure.


Policies guide us at an overall level in areas such as, for instance, ethics, security and diversity. A policy serves as the basis for the measures we should take regarding important issues. Guidelines supplement policies and provide employees with practical advice.

Operational Plan

The Debt Office's Operational Plan describes the focus and objectives of our operation, major projects and work assignments for the year. It is the basis of our daily work.

Risk management

Read more about our strategic risk management work. Our Financial and Risk Policy can also be found here.

Risks and security