Our mandate

As the Debt Office is a public authority, this means that acts and ordinances are the platform for our work. Each year, the Government also makes decisions on guidelines for central government debt management.

Acts and ordinances

The Riksdag decides which acts are to serve as a basis for the Debt Office's work. For example, the Act on State Borrowings determines what the Debt Office may borrow to finance, for instance, a deficit in central government finances.

The Government makes decisions about ordinances and appropriation directions. Appropriation directions govern the work of the Debt Office, our objectives and how we should report results. A guarantee ordinance determines when we may grant state guarantees as well as how we should evaluate and assess the risks associated with guarantees.

Guidelines govern our management

The Government makes decisions on guidelines regarding how we should manage and finance central government debt. For example, they stipulate how we should allocate the debt between different kinds of loan in order to achieve the right balance between cost and risk, and the maturity for such debt. We submit proposed guidelines to the Government, which makes a decision on the guidelines in November of each year.

Laws and decrees

Our activities are governed by these acts and ordinances. These documents are only available in Swedish.

Appropriation directions

The Government describes the mandate and objectives of the Debt Office and how we should report our results. 

Appropriation directionsOur appropriation directions on the ESV web site, esv.se (opens in a new window) (in Swedish)

Management guidelines

Guidelines control how we are to manage and fund the central government debt.

Guidelines for central government debt management