The Board of Directors is appointed by the Government. The board has eight members, two staff representatives and an audit committee.

  • Yvonne Gustafsson (Chairwoman), former Director General at the Swedish Agency for Public Management. Commenced in 2014.
  • Lars O. Grönstedt (Deputy Chairman), former Chief Executive at Handelsbanken. Commenced in 2009.
  • Stefan Lundgren, Director General at Statistics Sweden. Commenced in 2014.
  • Marika Rindborg Holmgren, lawyer. Commenced in 2009.
  • Helena Thunander Holmstedt, Finance Director at Swedish Armed Forces. Commenced in 2015.
  • Ann-Christine Lindeblad, Justice of the Supreme Court. Commenced in 2015.
  • Rikard Forslid, Professor at Stockholm University. Commenced in 2016.
  • Hans Lindblad, Director General at the Debt Office.

Staff representatives

Lars Waernulf