Investor relations

Good investor relations are an important part of the Debt Office’s borrowing policy, contributing to liquidity and low borrowing costs. Like our overall borrowing policy, investor relations should be characterised by openness, transparency and predictability.

The primary dealers are our sales organization and our most important channel of communication. They are our most important instrument to reach a broad circle of investors and to obtain an efficient market for government securities.

Investor contacts make it possible for the Debt Office to communicate policy, forecasts and analyses. They enable us to obtain feedback and evaluate our own activity. It is therefore important to have a direct dialogue with investors through our website, various types of meetings and reports.

The Debt Office’s website is the most important information channel. Besides press releases, we publish regular information which is directly relevant for investors. We also offer a subscription service for press releases and reports on the website.

Central Government Borrowing – Forecast and Analysis is published three times a year and contains forecasts for the central government budget balance (net borrowing requirement) and funding as well as articles on policy issues, strategies, analyses, etc.