The Debt Office has a market commitment in the repo market, but we also have the possibility to use repos more actively when we have a surplus in kronor and foreign currency.

Our market commitment means that we meet the market’s demand for government securities through repos. The interest rates of the repos are set in relation to the Riksbank’s repo rate and we make them regardless of our borrowing requirement.

When there is a cash surplus we can make reverse repos in government securities or mortgage bonds, or use tri-party repos.

Reverse repos

A reverse repo means that we borrow a security and invest money for a specific period of time. On maturity, we return the security and the money is repaid, including interest compensation. We issue reverse repos in government securities and mortgage bonds.

Tri-party repos

A tri-party repo is a repo made between two parties, but administered by a third party. The aim of involving a third party is to increase the security of the transaction. The third party ensures that security, as specified under our agreement with the other party, is delivered to our account. The third party matches the security against money before the transaction is cleared.
Most transactions are conducted in euro and American dollars, but we can also invest in Swedish kronor.