Top grades for Swedish debt management

26 January 2012 - Press release

The Swedish National Debt Office continues to receive high ratings in the latest survey by TNS SIFO Prospera. Primary dealers and investors think that we act clearly and consistently in the market. Our communication on the borrowing requirement and funding also receives excellent scores in the survey.

Confidence rose in general in 2011 from an already high level in 2010. We got higher ratings in all categories of questions, except for information on volumes and other conditions of inflation-linked bonds.

- It is very gratifying that our counterparties and investors think that we are meeting our goals and commitment well, says Maria Norström, Head of Funding.

The Debt Office strives for openness, transparency and predictability. This allows us to borrow at the lowest cost possible, without taking excessive risks. An important part of our policy is to have a good dialogue with our investors.

The survey shows that according to both Swedish and foreign investors, we compete very well with other debt offices in terms of transparency, ability to make quick decisions and accessible management.

- But there is always room for improvements. Going forward, we will focus on developing our website with more information and greater interactivity. We will also work on improving our investor relations. Both areas are high priorities for us, says Maria Norström, Head of Funding.

For more information, please contact:

Maria Norström, Head of funding, +46 8 613 46 35

Prospera survey (only in Swedish)