Terms of exchange offer for 1054

23 May 2011 - Press release

To continue to build up the volume in loan 1054 (3.5 %, 1 June, 2022), the Swedish National Debt Office offers exchanges for loan 1047 (5.0 %, 1 December, 2020) on the 30 and 31 of May. The exchanges will be made risk price neutral[1] for a total of SEK 10 billion.

Date for exchanges of loan 1054 Monday 30 May Tuesday 31 May
Time for publishing yield on buy back loan 10:45 10:45
Time for auction cut off 11:00 11:00
Time for auction result 11:10 11:10
SNDO buys amount (SEK mn)[2] 5,300 5,300
SNDO buys loan 1047 1047
SNDO sells amount (SEK mn) 5,000 5,000
SNDO sells loan 1054 1054


The exchanges will be carried out in the form of auctions. The exchange offer requires that the cost for the Debt Office will be very limited. The Debt Office will notify the bid yield on the buy back loan on the PMI page for auction details before the cut off of the auction. The result will be notified on the PMI page for auction results after the closing of the auction. Further details about the result will be available on the PMI page for exchange offers. The information will also be available on www.riksgalden.se.

For more information please contact:
Magdalena Belin, Head of Analysis, +46 (0)8 613 52 28
Maria Norström, Head of Funding, +46 (0)8 613 46 35


[1] The market value of the purchase and sale volume multipled by the modified duration of each respective bond shall be equal.

[2] The stated nominal volume of loan 1047 is only an approximation calculated on the basis of today's yields.

Terms of exchange offer for 1054